GHG Reporting on Scope 2 Emissions; Banking


A major mid-western Bank spends over $20 million annually on energy-related expenditures. The bank has a very evolved energy and sustainability strategy, participates various EPA/DOE programs like better buildings challenge. The bank also reports annually on its Carbon footprint and undergoes a GHG audit by a reputed audit firm.

The leadership engaged ProKarma’s EMS Expense & Data Management Services since 2005 and EMS Benchmarking services since 2010. The institution’s leadership had also engaged one of ProKarma’s energy management consulting partner firm to stage the GHG emissions data for the annual reporting commitments and undergo the GHG audit.


The GHG Audit function used to a hectic, manual process where the auditors would need a lot of hand-holding and documentation. The bank wanted to access an online carbon reporting toolkit which enabled not just the reports but a very transparent audit tool with extensive drill down capability down to the actual utility invoices and meter data.


ProKarma has extensive experience in carbon reporting solutions and has several key canned reports readily available for use. EMS reports are also configurable to include indirect Scope 3 emissions and can also be custom-made for specific Carbon Disclosure requirements globally.

ProKarma brought the reporting module into play and the carbon reporting challenges were successfully addressed.

The energy management partner got the ability to generate GHG emission reports for specific time-period and specific meter inventory. The online functionality allowed 3rd party GHG audits on reported data and underlying data with clean drill down capabilities at every level right to the individual meters and/or GHG inventory items.

ProKarma also engaged a dedicated representative during the audit week to liaise with the audit firm and provide any additional data points or backup documentation as needed.

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