GHG Reporting on Scope 2 Emissions; Manufacturing


A major chewing gum manufacturer spends over $82 million annually on energy-related expenditures. With such a large energy portfolio to consider, the leadership engaged one of ProKarma’s energy management consulting partner firm’s services for demand-side and supply-side management to ensure continuous savings. The institution’s leadership had sanctioned several long-term key energy projects. ProKarma’s energy management consulting partner firm engaged ProKarma EMS services to better measure, analyze and report energy and sustainability initiatives to the customer.


Prior to switching to ProKarma, the data captured was not detailed at each reading level across all meters and the partner did not have a good mechanism to report on all GHG emissions. It was limited to CO2e measurements and didn’t include other emissions like NOx and Sox for instance. The ability to download and distribute canned GHG reports was a key need. ProKarma was tasked to bring its Carbon reporting capabilities into play for the Scope 2 emissions across US and Canadian locations of the customer.


ProKarma has extensive experience in carbon reporting and has several key canned reports readily available for use. EMS reports are also configurable to include indirect Scope 3 emissions and can also be custom-made for specific Carbon Disclosure requirements globally.

ProKarma brought the reporting module into play and the carbon reporting challenges were successfully addressed.  The energy management partner got the ability to generate a ‘before and after’ report on GHG emissions to show an ROI on the energy projects that were in progress. The online functionality allowed 3rd party GHG audits on reported data and underlying data with clean drill down capabilities at every level right to the individual meters and/or GHG inventory items.

ProKarma also discovered that the GHG multipliers being used all along by the customer were older numbers and helped the customer draw better historical emission reports as well as reconcile between the old numbers and corrected values.

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