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A strong, proactive energy management strategy requires an equally strong energy management platform that helps you buy, use and manage energy for reduced risk and greater efficiency. ProKarma’s Energy Management Solution (EMS) is a seamless platform that gives customers powerful insights and real-time usage and price data.
With processes and systems that work together flawlessly, energy managers are equipped with incisive analytics to monitor consumption, detect invoice errors and recover overage charges in regulated and deregulated markets alike. ProKarma also provides Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements 16 (SSAE 16) and Service Organization Controls Reports (SOC 1) that manage energy budgets and workflows.

The ProKarma EMS offering is a complete digital management experience via web and desktop, mobile, tablet and Android TV user interfaces.
With expertise in energy management supply services across industries, ProKarma helps customers save money and manage price risk while ensuring that energy management and procurement practices are tightly aligned to a long-term strategy.


ProKarma’s EMS is a global platform with real-time data capabilities across countries, languages, and currencies. It delivers bill data, including granular meter reading attributes and charges, that is 99.975 percent accurate and eliminates late fees, guaranteed. ProKarma is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) service provider partner and subscribes to many Department of Energy (DOE) energy databases for industry insights.
To ensure a comprehensive, enterprise-wide approach, ProKarma offers solutions for all stakeholders, including facility, accounts payable, finance and risk, and energy and sustainability managers. ProKarma EMS is easy to use, quick to implement (6 to 8 weeks) and was developed with a mobile-first strategy.


Analytics: Reporting, operating, financial and predictive
Workflows: Greenhouse gas (GHG), Automated Benchmarking System (ABS)/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bill payment, and rate and tariff
Projects Module: Sandbox for energy and stainability managers with internal and external benchmarks. Designed to set goals, monitor activity and generate project reports.
Messaging, Alerts and Monitoring: A comprehensive module to alert stakeholders of critical asset performance via email, phone or text


Merchandising trends and high annual energy costs have forced wholesalers and grocers to reconsider their energy management strategies. In an industry characterized by frequent mergers and acquisitions, ProKarma’s comprehensive energy management solution helps customers with large multi-site enterprises prevent and address issues, like inaccurate utility meter inventories during and after a change in ownership. It also helps overcome the challenge of generating accurate energy forecasts and budgets for each site. By eliminating manual processing of utility invoices, it can reduce late fees and shut-off notices.

Wholesalers and grocers run energy-intensive operations and rely on the ability to predict energy costs in order to compete effectively. Proactive energy managers in these industries take action early and rely on a single energy management platform to address possible setbacks, including reduced profits and competitiveness, inefficient perishables management, service disruptions and limited reliable data. The EMS offering also resolves cash blockages due to over- or under-paying utility vendors and provides energy managers accurate and actionable data to drive operational efficiencies across sites.


ProKarma’s clients, including those in the wholesale and grocery industry, are transforming how they manage and procure utilities.
ProKarma’s EMS transition and onboarding is easy and generates immediate benefits, including increased efficiency in the overall utility bill payment process and improved transparency across stakeholders. Clients have also reported increased annual savings and utility spend and resolved blocked credits and debt balances with utility vendors.

Key Benefits Realized Within 3 Months of Onboarding
• Reduction of late fees to less than 0.04 percent of monthly utility spend
• Recovery of 60 percent of deposits from utility vendors
• Less than 5 percent of cash in transit at any point in time with utility vendors
• ABS/Energy Star program accreditation for stores, with ratings obtained and hosted on the ProKarma platform
• Production and delivery of accrual reports directly to the client’s accounts payable (AP) system
• Completion of budgetary strategy sessions and interviews
• Mapping of critical energy assets and key client data drivers like tons of grocery stored, tons of perishables stored, and brand and banners at each store

Key Benefits Realized Within 12 Months of Onboarding
• Reduction of late fees to near zero
• Successful tracking of building performance and ratings through the ABS/Energy Star program
• Seamless integration of regulatory reporting tasks
• Forecasting of energy and utility budgets
• Seamless allocations and prorates for common meters, fuel, landlord billing and propane
• Utilization of powerful analytical tools to drive focused energy conservation measures
• Utility costs savings averaging 5 to 7 percent

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