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Get a real-time view of energy use across your entire portfolio, with automated notifications regarding changes in demand or consumption.

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Tracking energy use in real time has never been more critical. Utility companies continue to roll out dynamic pricing programs for energy use in regulated and deregulated markets, and energy managers need a smarter way to manage assets. They need a fast, reliable and effective response system to analyze energy use and quickly adapt to changing energy prices.

ProKarma’s EMS Alerts and Monitoring offering, an advanced notification system that monitors energy consumption across sites, regions and the enterprise throughout the day, offers a competitive advantage. It simplifies how organizations with multiple facilities monitor and analyze energy use. It provides a real-time view of energy use across the entire portfolio, automatically notifying management of any changes in demand or consumption.

Ongoing alerts and monitoring can make all the difference in a market environment characterized by regulatory pressures and an aging infrastructure, or when the economic outlook is uncertain. Our cloud-based platform can monitor a variety of energy sources, including electricity, natural gas and steam, through interval data meters and sub-meters. Facility managers can easily define acceptable performance thresholds based on predefined key performance indicators. Once thresholds are set, automated alerts are triggered if energy use approaches or exceeds those levels. The offering also identifies inefficiently operating equipment, allowing for timely repair or replacement.

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