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The energy forecast for the foreseeable future is clear: Expect continued growth with demand for all types of energy in the U.S. expected to increase by 31 percent over the next 25 years. Energy costs are on the rise, making it increasingly important for energy managers to keep a close eye on consumption trends across facilities from month to month. With commercial and industrial buildings responsible for a large percentage of greenhouse emissions, organizations are also facing growing pressure to meet or beat industry energy use averages and adopt smarter energy practices.

Collecting and reporting data on energy and resource consumption, and then translating that into upgrades to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can be complicated. ProKarma’s comprehensive EMS Energy Benchmarking offering gives you a holistic view into your enterprise’s energy matrix, helps you determine your facilities’ baseline needs, and empowers you with tools and information to effect change.

Many enterprises today are finding that they need to evolve their processes and procedures in order to respond to the changing energy environment. ProKarma’s EMS Energy Benchmarking offering gives organizations the ability to assess their entire energy inventory. It enables internal benchmarking across buildings or spaces within a portfolio in addition to benchmarking across external sources, including published databases, the EnergyStar(R) program and participating ProKarma clients.

Our energy benchmarking offering takes a wide variety of inputs into account, including macro-level factors like industry, floor area, climate zones and store types. It can also be done across micro-level factors like demand and usage patterns. Our team removes temperature and humidity noise from the data to normalize it to match data-read cycles recorded prior to benchmarking.

The EMS Benchmarking suite also lets users compare production data for energy drivers like footfalls, sales per store and ton-miles achieved. The suite provides a quick dashboard glance for each facility, attributes, meter and energy, spend data, rating status and more. Our analytics and modeling tools validate the impact, and the magnitude of the impact, of each of these factors on the organization’s energy footprint. We enable you to model the ROI of current and future projects, helping inform better business decisions.

Let ProKarma’s EMS Benchmarking offering help you optimize your enterprise’s energy use and investment.

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