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Optimize energy efficiency and reduce risk across facilities with smart energy analytics.

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Managing energy spend and usage in today’s fast-paced business environment requires more than the simple tracking of energy trends and spend for each location. Key energy drivers, including temperature, humidity, equipment efficiency and footfalls, are changing rapidly. To optimize energy efficiency and mitigate risk across properties, energy managers need energy analytics and data-driven insights in real time along with a wide range of predictive modeling.

The ProKarma EMS Energy Analytics offering puts actionable data intelligence at your fingertips. Predictive modeling and holistic 360-degree reports provide energy managers with the data and narrative they need to gain support from key stakeholders for business-critical plans and initiatives.

With incisive analytics, a Big Data Hadoop stack and best-of-class data visualizations, energy managers have the intelligence to create plans, drive projects and monitor, measure, verify and report the results seamlessly. It is a complete suite that includes predictive analytics for energy spend and usage, operational analytics, reporting analytics and financial analytics.

EMS Energy Analytics streamlines the process of gathering and interpreting the information you need to make better decisions about energy consumption and spend.

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