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Managing the physical and financial resources associated with energy and utilities can pose a significant challenge for enterprises today, with tens or hundreds of bills from different types of utilities, in multiple formats, coming through at various times each month across diverse sites. Energy and utility expenses represent one of the top budget line items for many organizations, and managing your utilities — use, spend, sustainability and savings have never been more important.

The EMS Expense and Data Management offering helps you optimize your energy portfolio, with data-driven solutions and integrated business management tools that have the power to transform your approach. Our Utility Management offering empowers you to make better-informed decisions and more easily respond to energy changes and address discrepancies within your utility expenditures, building equipment and systems.

EMS Utility Management keeps things simple and hassle free. We help organizations make projections, identify savings opportunities and reduce waste. Advanced data visualization for dashboards and “what-if” scenario analytics drive efficiency and reduce risk. Ad-hoc reporting capabilities allow you to get a better understanding of – and control over – your spend and usage across sites.

ProKarma’s EMS prioritizes and executes hundreds of invoices effortlessly, documenting changes and enabling transparency. Our comprehensive process ensures that your data is error free and accessible, whether it’s a paper invoice entered manually or an electronic utility bill received via EDI 810. We are Green Button ready, with usage and cost data available for download at the click of a button, and we have successfully integrated with almost every accounting system in the world.

Backed by ProKarma‘s experience in technology services since 2005, our team of highly trained professionals knows exactly what businesses need to reduce energy spend, manage budgets and work flows, and reduce their environmental footprint. And no two solutions are alike. We custom-fit energy management offerings for companies in a variety of industries, always prioritizing easy implementation and seamless integration.

Managing energy and utility bills and payments across sites is time-consuming, and keeping the data up-to-date, safe and accessible can be complex. Let ProKarma’s EMS Expense & Data Management offering help you simplify and streamline your utility and energy environment today.

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