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Managing rate audits doesn’t have to be a manual, hit-or-miss exercise. ProKarma’s EMS Rate and Tariff offering automates the rate auditing process, empowering organizations to check overages, identify invoice errors and find operational savings across a global portfolio.

With more than 6,500 utilities included, we maintain the largest – and the most accurate, complete and current – international rate database in the market. We apply a three-step verification and validation process to each rate table every month and keep our database complete with detailed line items, including use and demand charges, surcharges, riders and taxes for electricity and natural gas. The database is constantly updated to ensure that it reflects the latest changes in vendor tariff structures.
Our predictive intelligence and modeling tools help us validate clients’ current energy use and demand patterns and forecast 12 to 24 months out. These robust tools also allow us to identify alternate tariff plans able to save you money.

Drawing on ProKarma‘s extensive experience in data management and predictive intelligence, our teams customize the Rate and Tariff offering to reflect each client’s industry and opportunities. With flexible, easy-to-implement services, we begin with a three-month audit and validation engagement that includes a targeted regulated rate audit on a section of the meter inventory chosen by our client. This model guarantees maximum ROI and helps keep our offering agile.

By leveraging ProKarma’s leading-edge technology, an accurate, complete and current database and unrivaled expertise in energy management, the EMS Rate and Tariff offering helps you simplify rate audits, uncover billing errors and identify opportunities for utility rate improvements now and in the future.

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